Anne Erwin Sotheby's International Realty Resources


Name Online Information Telephone
Baker, Newman, Noyes Website 800-244-7444
Cummings, Lamont & McNamee, P.A. Website 603-772-3460
Schoff & Associates Website 207-351-2534


An appraisal is an unbiased estimate of what a buyer might expect to pay - or a seller receive - for a parcel of real estate, where both buyer and seller are informed parties. This is what is typically expected by a bank. The fee for an appraisal can vary but is likely to be somewhere between $275 and $500. If you have a preference for a particular appraiser, be sure to consult with your lender.

A market analysis, usually free of charge, is available from a real estate agent. It provides much the same information but does not meet bank requirements. It is, however, often satisfactory for estate purposes. Other uses might be financial or divorce planning.

Names of some local appraisers are provided below in alphabetical order.

Name Telephone
Beacon Appraisal Company 207-883-5171
CM Appraisal 207-363-3782
Scott-Johnston Appraisal Services 207-439-0226
Stanhope Group 603-431-4141
The Valuation Group 207-676-4050

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Name Telephone
Anne Whitney 603-427-2832
DeStefano Architects 603-431-8701
Fiorentino Group Architects 207-351-1166
Harvey Wells 207-967-5415
Matt Banow 603-742-5005
Robert Reed Associates 207-363-8568
Salmon Fall Architects 888-266-2151
TMS Architects 603-436-4274
William Ross Design 207-363-8071

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Attorneys and Title Companies

General Information

Through the course of the real estate transaction, you may need or choose to consult an attorney regarding contingencies or other issues regarding the sale or purchase of your home or land.

While the real estate purchase and sale agreements are fill-in-the-blank forms supplied to us by the Maine Association of Realtors, some questions may arise. We are not attorneys and we encourage you to consult one if you choose.

Often both buyers and sellers will ask us if they need to have their attorney attend the closing. This is purely a matter of preference. Typically attorneys do not attend, but we certainly would never discourage you from having your attorney present.

Seller Responsibilities

Sellers are responsible for having the deed and transfer tax form prepared prior to closing. The cost for this is between $125 to $200. This should be done so that there is enough time for the closing agent (either an attorney or title company) to review the deed on behalf of the buyer and/or bank.

Buyer Responsibilities

It is the buyer's lender or the buyer's attorney who is responsible for doing the closing, title search, recording of the deed and mortgage note and other paperwork. If you are financing the property, the lender usually chooses the attorney or title company but if you have a preference as to who will do the work, you should let the lender know. If it is someone on their approved list, then you should be able to make those arrangements.

Title Insurance

If you are financing the property you will be required to have title insurance in an amount to cover the amount financed. You may be asked if you would like to have title insurance to cover your own risk. The cost for title insurance (which is based on the purchase price) is far less if purchased at the time of closing and it is a one-time expense. What a wonderful way to protect what is more than likely your most important asset. For more information about owner's title insurance you may want to check with the closing agent or visit About Title Insurance.

Below is contact information for some local attorneys and title companies that can assist you.

Name Telephone Fax
Ballou & Bedell
David Ballou
207-363-5300 207-363-1143
Dean K. Bouffard 207-439-6377 207-439-5794
McEachern and Thornhill 207-439-4881 207-439-8893
Shepard & Read
Bruce M. Read
Shaheen and Gordon 207-351-1122 603-749-1838
Strater and Strater 207-363-2900 207-363-2902
Bruce Whitney 207-384-2051 207-384-4011


Title Companies
Name Telephone Fax
Cornerstone Title 603-766-8121 603-766-8122
Heritage Title Company 603-431-6233 603-431-5481
Phenix Title Services LLC 603-766-1988  
Red Door Title
Melanie Yorke Tromblee
207-475-6610 (cell)
207-358-7520 (Efax)
Signature Title 800-655-0013, 603-431-8100 603-431-1879
Stewart Title 800-539-8266, 603-427-2811 603-427-2820
Summit Title
Robin E. Estes
207-715-1163 (cell) n/a

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Banks and Mortgage Brokers

What is the difference between a bank and a mortgage broker?

Mortgage brokers are companies (or individuals) that work with wholesale mortgage lenders to provide their customers with a wide selection of mortgages. The mortgage broker originates the loans while the mortgage lender actually funds the loans.

A bank on the other hand may not offer the same selection of products but may be able to offer more flexibility within its products. You may like the idea of having your loan held locally or perhaps you have already established a relationship with a particular bank and just want to keep all your business in one place.

Which should I use?

The answer will depend upon your individual loan needs, situation and inclination. If you are not sure which lender to use, you should speak to several, explaining your particular situation. Find out what type of program each thinks will work best for you; then compare.

Bank or Mortgage Broker Loan Officer Contact
Biddeford Savings Mark Sutton 207-571-5645
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Fred Marquez 207-837-3421
Kennebunk Savings Bank Jesse Dumais 603-334-1023
Merrimack Mortgage Company, Inc Darlene Pearl 603-319-4305
Mortgage Network Kirk Todd 603-430-8488
Optima Bank & Trust Robert P. Gagnon 603-433-9607
Piscataqua Savings Bank MaryEllen McKenney
Regency Mortgage Corporation Delvin Arnold 603-817-5466
Residential Mortgage Services Jake Desrochers 207-590-4545
SIS Normand J Bonsant 207-604-0666
York County Federal Credit Union Rich Goodenough 207-324-7511

Basement Waterproofing

Many people have had great success with basement waterproofing. Check with the company and make sure that they guarantee the work and that the warranty they provide is transferable to future owners.

Company Telephone
Basement Technologies of Maine 866-844-4273
B-Dry System 800-287-2379
Coastal Basement Waterproofing 207-883-5583
TC Hafford Basement Systems 800-734-6151

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Name Telephone
CB Builders 207-363-3185
George Raynes 207-752-6170
Housewrights, Inc 207-363-6482
Maine Coast Builders 207-363-7426
Period Design Restorations 207-351-1593
Robert Reed Associates 207-363-8568
Rocheleau Custom Homes 207-363-3857
Stout Construction 207-467-5640
YFI Custom Homes 207-363-8053


Contact Telephone
Charlie Beaudette 207-752-0152
Fernald Construction & Property Services 207-451-7059
Maine Luxury Group 207-869-5347
Bill Prince 207-363-2777
Reynolds Property Services LLC 207-363-1434

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Chimney Inspection/Cleaning

Should you wish to have a more comprehensive inspection including all accessible portions of the chimney, exterior and interior, you will find below a list of qualified personnel. An inspection can include areas within accessible attics, crawl spaces, and basements and accessible portions of appliance and chimney connections and will include inspection by video scanning or other means of inspection.

Company Contact Telephone
Charlie's Chimneys Charles Odermann 207-985-3477
Supaflu Chimney Systems   800-788-7636

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Name Telephone
Bridges Electric 207-363-7177
J and N Electric 207-363-7333 or 207-337-0625
Maldini Electric 603-436-4736
Moran Electric 207-363-5889
Snyder Electric 207-361-1998

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Environmental Testing and Mitigation (Radon, Mold, etc.)

Company Name Telephone Issues Covered
Air Quality Management 207-657-7360 Lead paint, mold and asbestos testing
Air and Water Quality 800-698-9655 Radon air, water quality
Biosafe Environmental 207-854-5262 Lead paint testing and removal, asbestos removal, radon testing and mitigation
Community Concepts 207-333-6443 Lead paint testing/inspection
Environmental Safety (ESHA) 207-854-2711 Air quality, lead paint and asbestos inspections and abatement
EnviroVantage 800-640-5323 Lead, asbestos, mold, demolition
Radon Systems 207-247-8181 Radon mitigation
Radon Removal Systems 800-640-8889 Radon air
Yerhot Environmental Solutions 603-742-0055 Lead, radon and mold testing

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Do you have some work that needs to be done?

  • job that is too small for a regular general contractor?
  • small paint job?
  • a deck to be built?
  • front steps to be repaired?
  • flood light to be installed?

One of these handymen (in alphabetical order) may be just what you need.

Name Telephone
Fernald Construction & Property Services 207-451-7059
The Get it Done Guy 207-361-7014
Homeworks 207-363-7088
Rent-A-Husband 207-646-1661
Rick Spencer 603-534-6844

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Hauling and Trash Removal

Name Telephone
J. B. Trucking 207-439-0974
Glenn - The Seacoast Dump Guy 207-450-9262
Larry Revak 603-828-8888
Reynolds Property Services LLC 207-363-1434

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Home Inspection Services for Real Estate

Anne Erwin Sotheby's International Realty encourages all buyers to have a home inspection whether the house is new or old. The purpose of the home inspection is not to discover small imperfections since no house (even a new one) is perfect. The real purpose of the inspection is to make sure that there are no significant surprises.

You will find below the names of a number of area home inspectors with whom we have had some experience. All are members of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). To learn more about ASHI, we encourage you to visit their website (; to learn more about the home inspection process, visit

It is important to note that Anne Erwin Sotheby's International Realty has no affiliation with and receives no compensation from any of these companies. The list is in alphabetical order. We hope this information will be helpful in making your transaction a smooth one.

Contact Information:

Name Telephone Email Inspection Report?
Up-Country Home Inspectors, inc
Steven Purdy
207-883-9876 Yes
John Callan 207-646-8825 or cell 207-329-9900 Yes
Gary Daigneault 207-283-6600 Yes
Housemasters 800-626-5442, 603-332-7411 Yes
Atlantic Home Inspection Company
Keith Lefebvre
207-283-4463 Yes
Inspect-It 1st
Jeff Leighton
207-885-8664 Yes
Robert F. Smith 207-650-5117 Yes
Keith Wheeler 603-759-5494 Yes

Please note that some companies will give you an on-the-spot report while others are able to email you the report (usually within 24 hours). If speed is important or if you are an out-of-town buyer, you should consider how you will get the inspection report. Those companies who can email the report can (with your permission) also email a copy to your real estate agent which may expedite matters.

When you schedule your appointment be sure to be clear about the specific inspections that you want. Some of the possibilities are:

Some inspections (particularly septic) may require a separate inspection service. For septic inspections, we recommend that you use a septic company to do the inspections rather than a home inspector even if they offer that service. Click on any of the additional inspection items above for a selection of contractors who can perform these inspections.

If you need any additional names, numbers or services, please contact your agent at Anne Erwin Sotheby's International Realty.

House Cleaners

For cleaning offices, rental properties, construction clean-out and real estate closings:

Name Telephone
Best Cleaning Service 207-363-0961
Corn Flower Cleaning 207-363-3474
D. P. Cleaning 207-439-4151
Kaelyn Couture 207-608-5080
Nicole Richards 207-337-4606
SERVPRO, John and Kristine Giunco 207-363-6900

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Insurance (Homeowners)

What is homeowners insurance?

According to the Insurance Information Institute:

Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it.

Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people. This includes damage caused by household pets.

Damage caused by most disasters is covered but there are exceptions. The most significant are damage caused by floods, earthquakes and poor maintenance. You must buy two separate policies for flood and earthquake coverage. Maintenance-related problems are the homeowners' responsibility.

© Insurance Information Institute, Inc. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

There are some issues that can make insurance difficult to obtain such as having fuses instead of circuit breakers. For a list of these items, talk to an insurance agent.

It is important not to wait till the last minute to begin investigating your insurance needs. When you close on your new home, the lender will require that you have a proof of insurance (paid in full) for one year (a binder).

Name Telephone
Bergeron Insurance 207-363-8902
Bragdon Insurance 207-363-3200, 800-869-0857
Ellis Insurance 207-363-7670
The Insurance Source 207-363-5024
Lontine Insurance 207-363-3140
Nationwide Insurance 207-363-8902, 877-563-8902
Tapley Insurance 207-363-7894

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Interior Designers/Staging

Name Telephone
Accent and Design (Anne Cowenhoven) 207-363-7949
CF Interiors (Cindy Francis) 207-451-3937
Diane Huges Interiors) 603-964-9563
Interiors by Eeta (Eeta Sachon) 207-351-2978
Nancy Stracka Interiors (Kelly Wright) 617-273-8438
Stunning Spaces (Patrice Sweet) 207-351-1358
The Styled Home (Elizabeth Polansky) 207-329-1260

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Lawn Care/Gardeners

Name Telephone
Brixham Landscape Construction 207-439-2100
CL Design & Landscape 207-439-2100
Jacquelyn Nooney Landscape Inc 207-475-7870
Patton Lawn Care 207-361-1935
Reynolds Property Services LLC 207-363-1434


Name Telephone
Atlas Stoneworks 207-361-1395
Dale Avery 603-781-5705
Art Young 207-363-5416


Company Name/Services Name Telephone
Clear View Window Cleaning George Pappademas 603-918-2281 (call or text)
Diane Marsden Estate Sales & Appraisals LLC Diane Marsden (click to email) 603-205-4224
Just In Time Odd Jobs, LLC Justin Petelle 207-337-2626
Aqua Paradise - Pool Maintenance & Inspections   603-431-3808
Renewed Tile & Grout, LLC Peter Holt 207-451-8338

Moving Companies

Name Telephone
Allen & Coles Moving Systems 800-537-7989 x240
Gentle Giant Moving Company 800-442-6863
Rainbow Movers N.H. (NorthAmerican Van Lines) 800-922-1020
William C. Huff Moving and Storage 800-247-5564
Wood Bros. Moving and Storage 603-436-2725 or 800-722-3033

Truck Rentals

Name Telephone
Budget Truck Rental (York) 207-363-5630 or 800-283-4382
Penske (Portsmouth) 603-427-1418 or 800-467-3675
Ryder Truck Rentals 603-433-5880 or 800-297-9337
U-Haul (Kittery) 207-439-2318


Name Telephone
A-1 Self-Storage (Kittery) 207-439-2077
Atlantic Self-Storage (York) 207-363-3311
Eliot Rent-A-Space (Eliot) 207-439-3077
Eliot Self Storage, LLC (Eliot) 207-439-6347
Heritage Storage Centers (Portsmouth) 603-433-1211
Kittery Storage and Parcel Center (Kittery) 207-439-0800
Lafayette Self Storage (Portsmouth) 603-431-8747
Olde Port Storage (Portsmouth) 603-436-2431
PODS 888-776-7637
Safeway Storage (Portsmouth) 603-436-4222
Secure Storage (York) 207-363-0020
U-Haul Co. (Portsmouth) 603-431-2165
Wood Bros. Moving and Storage (Portsmouth) 603-436-2725

Furniture Disposal (Sell and Give Away)

Name Telephone
Fiona's Porch 207-363-6270
Olde Port Traders
(buy and sell used furniture)
Hap Moore Antiques
(buy and sell used furniture)
Boyd Auctions 207-439-6641
Howard Koeppel
(buy and sell used furniture)
207-363-5873 or cell 207-475-6824
Give away
Name Telephone
Leeward Landing charitable Thrift Store
(will pick-up)
2nd Generation in Greenland
accepts used furniture in good condition to benefit homeless shelter (no pick up)
Salvation Army (of Portland)
(will do beds)
207-878-8555, ext. 1
Catholic Charities (of Maine)
will accept beds and pick up if large quantity of items; for questions - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
207-879-1130, ext. 8215
Operation Blessing
(no pick-up) (open M,Th,F - 10-4)
Goodwill in Portsmouth
(no pick-up)

Notary Publics

Name Telephone
Mary-Anne Szeniawski, Notary Public/Dedimus Justice 207-363-3352

Painters and Power Washers

Name Telephone
Amadra Inc. (Fritz Schermer) 207-363-3658
East Coast Window & Power Washing (Aaron Stone) 207-752-2332
Mark F. Bennett 207-439-2280
Conant Painting 207-363-5648
Harbor Painting 207-363-1777
M. C. Painting 207-337-5068
Painting by Northeast 207-324-8142
Paul Mazgelis 207-351-5380
Portsmouth Painting Company (Dave Pine) 603-969-6591

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Paving and Driveway Maintenance

Contact Telephone
Pave-Tek 207-985-0164

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Pest Inspectors

Company Name Telephone
Atlantic Pest Solutions 207-439-7559, 800-439-7716
Expert Pest Control 978-534-5510 , 800-235-3093
Haydee's Pest-Free 603-430-7577, 800-654-7378

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Name Telephone
Tim Donnell Plumbing 207-361-2768
Downright Plumbing 207-337-0195
Performance Plumbing & Heating 207-363-1770
Rand Plumbing 207-205-4928
Rhodes Plumbing 207-439-0334
Tom Warmington 207-363-8895

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Name Telephone
Bedard's Roofing 207-284-6786
Hall Brothers 207-698-1551
Precision Roofing 207-247-2528
800-Roof 800-240-6112

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Septic Services Companies

Company Name Telephone
A-1 Enviro Service 207-646-2180
Abbott Brothers 207-363-3762
Grover and Fallon Value Router 207-439-1510
Morgridge and Son 207-439-1250
Seacoast Sewer & Drain 207-439-2900
Septic Resources 207-699-2466

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Surveying/Soils Testing

Company Name Telephone Services Provided
Altus Engineering 603-433-2335 Engineering, soils testing, septic design, site design, land planning
Anderson-Livingston Engineers 207-363-4414 Surveying, engineering, site design, land planning
CLD Consulting Engineers 207-363-0669 Surveying, engineering, site design, land planning, environmental
Civil Consultants 207-384-2550 Surveying, engineering, soils testing, site design, septic design, land planning
Mike Cuomo 207-363-4532 Soils testing and septic design
Easterly Surveying 207-439-6333 Surveying, site design, land planning
Ken Gardner 207-637-2260 Soils testing and septic design
Joe Noel 207-384-5587 Soils testing, site evaluation, wetlands delineation, test pits for septic design
Roaring Brook Consultants 207-384-2643 Surveying, engineering, site design, land planning, environmental

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Name Telephone
Central Maine Power (CMP) 800-750-4000
Kennebunk Light and Power District (Covering parts of Kennebunk, Wells and Arundel) 207-985-3311


Name Telephone
AT&T 800-222-0300
Comcast 888-633-4266
Embarq (Sprint) 800-877-7746
Fairpoint Communications 866-984-2001
MCI 888-624-9266
Time Warner Cable 800-833-2253


Name Telephone
Cable for Kittery, Eliot, South Berwick-Comcast 888-633-4266
Cable for York, Wells, Ogunquit, K'bunk, K'port, Arundel-Time Warner 800-833-2253


Name Telephone
Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells Water District (KKW) (also serving parts of York and Ogunquit) 207-985-3385
Kittery Water District (also serving parts of York and Eliot) 207-439-1128
South Berwick Water District 207-384-2257
York Water District 207-363-2265


Name Telephone
Kennebunk Sewer District 207-985-4741
Kittery Sewer District 207-439-0452
Ogunquit Sewer District 207-646-2028
South Berwick Sewer District 207-384-2760
York Sewer District 207-363-4232


Name Telephone
D. F. Richard 800-649-6457
Dead River Company 800-424-8444
Downeast Energy 207-363-4331
Eastern Propane 800-523-5237
Estes Oil 207-363-4172
Gagnon and Son 207-384-2213
Jenkins Fuels 207-439-2266
Maingas 207-646-2928
Proulx Oil and Propane 207-363-3636
Rye Fuel 603-964-8900
York Oil and Propane 207-363-6457

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